Contrary To Popular Opinion, You Can Be Mormon And Spiritual As Well

The Mormon Church is a religious organization with a tradition associated with good wholesome family values. The main principle that this religion cherishes is the fact that it believes that charity and service are family values associated with the pure love of Jesus Christ. Another spiritual principle that this religion also considers important is the principle found in articles of Faith that states. "We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may." One of the other faith traditions of the Mormon Church is the missionary service that the elders partake in whereby they make sacrifices to set aside 2 years of their lives to serve in missions in different areas of the country and around the world to spread the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, while these faith traditions are considered virtues of this religion we need to focus on significant spiritual deficiencies in the way that this church treats its gay membership from the point of view of the gross neglect of the spirituality of its gay membership:

The Vast Majority of Mormons Don't Believe That A Gay Mormon Can Be Spiritual: The truth is that 99.9% of the Mormon Church membership don't believe that a gay Mormon can be spiritual. There is reason why this is the case. There is a major misconception that is based on the clobber texts in the Bible that Mormon's use to describe its gay membership as abominations unto God. Due to the fact that this negative biblical mentality persists it portrays a gay individual in the church who God does not love who is not spiritually worthy, due to the fact that when the straight member thinks about a gay person all that they can see is a sinful individual with no redeemable qualities that cannot possibly be capable of spirituality at all.

The Belief That Gay Membership Cannot Be Spiritual Is A Myth: The belief that gay individuals in the Mormon Church cannot be spiritual is a major misconception. I have been a member of this church for 10 years and I have seen gay church membership who are spiritual and they are worthy priesthood members with duties, callings and responsibilities in the church. One particular gay individual in a ward congregation that I attended about 5 years ago was an elder's priesthood quorum member who demonstrated a wonderful example in terms of his conduct with regard to his compliance with church teachings. This individual was guided by the spirit in the way that he taught elders quorum lessons. This individual also served a mission with dedication and diligence. Another gay individual in the church served a 2 year mission successfully and demonstrated a great deal of talent in bringing converts to the Mormon Church. Another individual successfully taught elders quorum lessons, gospel principles lessons and was given talk assignments in a ward congregation which he completed successfully on subjects associated with Revelation and missionary service. These are just a few examples due to the fact that there are other examples you never hear about due to the fear that exist in the Mormon Church of affirming one's gay identity.

The Mormon Church is an organization that is credited with wholesome family values. These family values are associated with charity and service from the point of view of the fact that these virtues are associated with the pure love of Jesus Christ. While these things are true there is a major spiritual deficiency that exists in the love that is given to gay membership in the Mormon Church. So how can this problem be corrected? The Mormon Church can make an effort to clear up misconceptions regarding the deficiency in spirituality of its gay membership. This is due to the fact that once this is done such membership will be perceived in a more positive light in terms of their ability to lead a spiritual life without the misjudgments that are associated with such misconceptions.

My name is Joel King and I am an exmormon. I am a crusader for gay rights in the Mormon Church. I am also a City College Broadcasting graduate and I like sharing with others information concerning what people can do to improve attitudes to gay people in this religious organization.