Love Is the Fruit of God's Spirit

The Love of God is greater far than human understanding can grasp.

The fruit of God's Spirit is Love, which at rebirth into His Spirit-Image, has been freely poured into humanity. As God's comfort for people the Holy Spirit was sent and gifted to us by Christ Jesus when He ascended into the clouds of Glory to activate the Strength of Quietness and Confidence.

If then rebirthed into the Spirit-Image of Father God, so desire His way of living. The resulting life I desire to live while I live in my body, I live through, and in the Spirit Life of my new Father, God. That is, I have decided to show the world I am demonstrating the Glory of God that Christ Jesus gifted me.

Spirit-oneness with Father (God) in and through the earthly work of Christ Jesus is termed born-again. The Lord is building His Church today by inviting those who are one-with-Him into His congregation of many onenesses (believers). Together, the Church or the Bride of Christ becomes the one voice, the unified witness to the world, being the Glory of God.

The world can now see the Glory of God (Spirit-Image) of the Father in the united body with Christ Jesus as the Head. Can we respond as Jesus responded, 'to see me is the see to Love of the Father'?


Jesus labeled two items as demonstrated-Glory items when instructing the disciples. You are the Salt and the Light. Jesus also changed the mindset the Psalmist used for the attendees at a prepared feast from enemies to being great treasures. The mental concept shifts from complaining to gratefulness. The important feasting feature the Psalmist developed is that one's head is anointed with the oil of the Holy Spirit.

Being identified as children of God people are seen as Peacemakers. I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil; love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples because you are visual Peacemakers.

Love is the pinnacle of God's virtues and promises being pursued; it is the love of God which becomes the motivating inner desire to practice and exercise His Glory in relationship with people.

Salvation is all about leaving a Kingdom (of a fleshly language of attitudes and behaviors) when reborn into the Spirit-Image of God. This new foreign Kingdom World (Realm of Spirit) has its own Spirit Attitudes and Behaviors (Grace enabled) never known about before while in the Kingdom of the World.

God not only prepared a compatible life-sustaining planet and universe for mankind but He so Loved earth inhabitants He had made that He prepare a plan for the renegade people to return to His Spirit-Image. Before satan's enticement to live by knowledge only became a decision, God planned to honor the mind (the ability to reason and choose) of the people by not interfering with the choices of that uppermost part of His design.


The Fruit of God (Spirit) is Love. The Love of God described by Paul in his letter to the Galatians is shown in eight headings all supported by the gifted Grace of God. The Love of God has a basic three-step Graced mindset. Forgive, bury, forget.


Announced by a choir of angels at the birth of Jesus to the Shepherds of the flocks are the two basic Attitudes (manner, disposition) of Love; Joy and Peace ( substantially different from happiness). People cannot obtain or build up from any source the gifted inner Joy and Peace that is Spirit-Image, the Glory of God--the DNA of the Heavenly Father (Divine Nature of the Almighty).

God never leaves nor forsakes, however, the experience of Joy and Peace will be eclipsed and submerged under a complaining and ungrateful inner heart. A thankful and grateful heart will experience the Joy and Peace of the Father (the Glory of the Lord).


The next six items are clearly Behaviors. Determining the manner of behaving or acting is choice related, notwithstanding, choosing a Behavior may not facilitate the action which is also a human decision. Without the Spirit of one's knowledge willingness cannot become activated.

The Behaviors, within the relationship profile, activates two functions, planting a seed into fertile ground and growth in Spirit Maturation. Relationship with other people is the acceptance and the release of Spirit seed; starting new life and strengthening maturation skills.

In the letter to the Galatian church Paul outlines what appears to be a logical sequence of Behaviors to effective planting and purposeful Spirit maturation. Patience, one of the greatest human challenges, is in short supply with only knowledge and not the Spirit of that knowledge. Paul calls that Behavior longsuffering. It seems to be an ordeal of suffering to listen, and listen, long enough to plant a seed into properly cultivated ground ready for Spirit germination.

Following the long drawn out ordeal of listen and hearing abusive rhetoric the next Behaviors begin with the decisive mindset to be both Kind and Good to the individual. God herein receives Glory (since it is the Spirit (God) who has activated the exchange) within the relational Spirit regardless of the maturation level of the receiving Spirit. Germination of the planted seed is the Spirit function.

The fourth Behavior of the Love of God is one's decision to be faithful in the mission of planting Scriptural seeds (Wisdom applied). Only God knows the intent of one's inner heart. Behaving in and from the trust of the active Sovereignty of God is to be aware of and attuned to Humility; knowing the outcome belongs to the Lord.

Last but not least, is the Behavior of being the Glory of God. Speaking the Glory of God may be like sounding brass and tinkling silver. The hardest Behavior is to control the tongue. The hypocritical (saying but not being; a Pharisee) tongue has closed many doors to the Gospel.

The Love of God is far greater than human understanding can grasp.

Love is only complete in another person.

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