mormon Church Attitudes To Gay Membership

One of the main beliefs of the Mormon Church is the principle associated with the atonement of Jesus Christ and the fact that Christ sacrificed his life for us to bring to pass our redemption and salvation. Also, this religion is the only one that believes that there are 3 heavenly kingdoms. One of these kingdoms is associated with the highest heavenly glory also known as the glory of the sun called the Celestial Kingdom. In the Celestial Kingdom a person who has accepted Jesus Christ and has led a virtuous life receives this heavenly glory and is in the presence of both the father and the son. The second or middle kingdom is called the Terrestrial Kingdom. This is also known as the glory of the moon. This Kingdom is earned by those who have not had the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ while on earth but did lead an honorable life on earth. In this particular kingdom the person receives visitations from Jesus Christ but he is not in the presence of the father. The third and final kingdom is known as the Telestial Kingdom. This is also known as the lowest of the heavenly kingdoms. This kingdom is reserved for those who have not complied with church teachings and as such it is also known as the glory of the stars. In this particular kingdom conditions are similar to the way that they are on earth and the person in this kingdom will not be in the presence of the father and the son but they will only have the presence of the Holy Ghost.

With regard to Mormon Church attitudes to gay membership in the church there are fears that are associated with affirming a gay identity in this organization. Some of these fears are related to the fact that people try to conceal their identity for fear of rejection and harsh treatment. Often, this may cause a person to withdraw from quorum discussions and social activities in this organization. It may also cause the person not to participate in service activities and a result of this isolation the gay individual may become inactive or even in some cases he may leave the church.

Why does such an attitude persist in the Mormon Church? This is due to the fact that the life of the gay individual in this organization does not matter and does not have any value. These attitudes are related to scriptural misinterpretations related to affirming a gay identity. Such attitudes state that the gay individual is unworthy to receive a heavenly glory due to the fact that he is sinful in nature. These are misconceptions because they don't take into account the fact that God is no respecter of persons and his attitude to salvation and redemption is such that all souls regardless of their race, color, cultural background and sexual orientation, if deemed spiritually worthy, can receive forgiveness and salvation.

The Mormon Church is an organization that is associated with the principles related to the 3 heavenly glories known as the Celestial kingdom, the Terrestrial Kingdom and the lowest kingdom the Telestial Kingdom. The Mormon Church is also known for its negative treatment of gay Mormon Church membership. The Mormon Church can make an effort to have discussions about Mormon Church treatment of gay membership and they can make an effort to treat such membership with love and respect so that the gay individual can feel accepted as a part of the Mormon Church Congregation.

My name is Joel King and I am an exmormon. I am a crusader for gay rights in the Mormon Church. I am also a City College Broadcasting graduate and I like sharing with others information concerning what people can do to improve attitudes to gay people in this religious organization.