The Mormon Church Treatment Of Gay Membership And Gay Dilemmas

The Mormon Church is known for its humanitarian outreach to assist other countries and parts of the United States that have been affected by natural disasters. Also, this religion is also known for its belief in the premortal existence from the point of view that this religion believes that even before you were born you existed with your heavenly father and were preordained to carry out a mission on earth based on the spiritual talents that you were given by your heavenly parents. This religion is also known for its traditions associated with fasting and testimonial Sundays whereby the membership fasts for the first 2 meals of the day and set aside the funds they would have used to have these meals for contributing to help the poor and those who are in need. When it relates to attitudes that are associated with affirming a gay identity in the Mormon Church the gay person is presented with a dilemma in terms of what confusing, conflicting and hypocritical attitudes in the Mormon Church dictate how he should conduct himself in this organization.

The Gay individual In The Church Is Presented with 3 Dilemmas: The gay person in the Mormon Church is presented with attitudes that are hypocritical that dictate his conduct in the Mormon Church. In the first scenario the person who has a conservative attitude to affirming his gay identity for fear of rejection acts in a very straight manner and follows the traditional code of conduct the church would dictate that he should follow. Such an individual is frowned upon and is therefore placed in the I don't want to be gay category. Then, people complain and accuse this gay individual of not wanting to be himself. Then, people ask this individual why you don't want to be gay. Then, the second option means that the gay individual affirms his gay identity to the church membership and people's attitudes to this person become very upsetting as people get angry and upset due to the fact that this person has made a decision to be himself.

The Third Option: With the third option the gay individual is presented with the option to receive gay conversion therapy which has a 100% failure rate. The problem with this option is the fact that no gay individual has ever had a successful conversion to heterosexuality. This practice has been banned in 48 states in the United States and has been deemed unsafe and harmful to the gay individual due to the fact that participants in such programs are subjected to depression and thoughts that lead to self destructive behavior. Therefore, the gay individual is presented with a series of extremely unreasonable alternatives that lead to an unhappy life.

In The Mormon Church there are a series of unreasonable options that the gay individual in the Mormon Church is presented with in the Mormon Church. These options lead to a life of misery and unhappiness. The Mormon Church is taking no chances with improving the quality of life of the gay individual in the church and for this reason you cannot be gay in the Mormon Church.

My name is Joel King and I am an exmormon. I am a crusader for gay rights in the Mormon Church. I am also a City College Broadcasting graduate and I like sharing with others information concerning what people can do to improve attitudes to gay people in this religious organization.